Social Responsibility

NKEM is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work place and to responsibly manage all of the environmental aspects of its business.
Furthermore, NKEM is dedicated to the positive social development of South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, and in this capacity we have forged a number local partnerships.  NKEM has a strong corporate responsibility ethos: we seek to work with local communities by choosing projects in conjunction with local communities, which under the guidance of local community leaders assist in improving social development. Such projects may include improvements in infrastructure, education, medicine as well as training of the local workforce.

New Kush Foundation

NKEM’s sister company New Kush Investments Ltd (NKI) has a charitable foundation titled the New Kush Foundation.
The aim of the Foundation is to select appropriate projects in South Sudan in the areas of health, housing and education, which will benefit from funding and outside expertise.

There are three New Kush Foundation project requests currently under review:
  • Collecting books in the UK for distribution to secondary schools in the capital Juba
  • Assisting with funding secondary education training of teachers in Northern
  • Setting up a small orphanage for the children who are victims of South Sudan’s humanitarian crisis