Exploration Strategy & Philosophy

Exploration Strategy:

Extensive research has been done on the origin and controls of target minerals and related mineralization in Africa, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Liberia, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As such, we are able to follow a systematic target generation methodology that has led to the successful discovery of several notable mineral deposits on the continent.

 NKEM’s first consideration on entering a new country is  finding areas underlain by favourable mineral geographies. Upon compilation of a database of all available geological, geophysical and geochemical data, together with the interpretation of satellite imagery over more focused areas, important lithological and structural features are identified. Once a prospecting licence is granted  the latest technologies are employed in narrowing down mineralisation. Follow up work includes reconnaissance geological mapping, recognition / verification of artisanal working sites and stream sediment sampling. State of the art, high precision, airborne geophysical surveys are then conducted and the data interpreted using a Geographic Information Systems (“GIS”) approach. This leads to more precise pin-pointing of targets, which after soil geochemical sampling and digital terrain model interpretation, forms the basis for the location of holes to be drilled, preluding economic valuation of a particular target or deposit. If positive, a full drilling program accompanied by geological mineralogical, metallurgical and evaluation are undertaken as a prelude to a feasibility study.


Interrogate, interpret and integrate all available data of an exploration area and rapidly assess its potential at minimum cost before relinquishing or allocating funds for follow-up systematic exploration and evaluation thereby rapidly and meaningfully increasing project value.