Why East Africa?

  • West Africa is a crowded neighbourhood
  • Favourable geology:
    • A number of greenstone belts with stratigraphic and structural attributes favourable for gold mineralisation
    • Current Artisanal gold mining being a positive factor
    • Presence of granites and recent sediments with geological and radiometric characteristics favourable for uranium mineralisation
    • Part of a craton with diamondiferous kimberlite potential.
  • Little or no previous exploration carried out
    • South Sudan is considered “Terra Incognita” with regards to economic geology; this happens to be a specialty of NKEM who boast a collective team of specialists who are seasoned in true greenfields exploration in Africa with a number of world-class deposits under their belt.
  • Opportunity to open new frontier mineral provinces
    • Our team of specialists have been intimately involved in the discovery and development of a number of resources throughout the continent. We have recognised the potential in South Sudan for a number of years and have focussed since 2006 on a number of areas that show good mining potential
    • Satellite imagery and airborne magnetic interpretations of recently acquired data supported by reconnaissance mapping and the demarcation of a number of greenstone belts with favourable structures is a huge boost to early stage exploration.
  • A great opportunity exists to open a new frontier mineral province in East Africa
    • Acquisition of geological maps and literature on several on several other African countries has allowed for good early stage assessments of their mineral profitability.
“NKEM has been involved with extensive studies in Southern Sudan over several years and were the first credible mining exploration company on the ground after the signing of the CPA. The work has included a new airborne geophysical survey, satellite image interpretation and ground surveys. A new geological map which will guide future exploration has been produced and we are excited by the mineral potential of the area” Prof Richard Viljoen

“The company has prime ground in a largely unexplored granite greenstone terrain in eastern South Sudan”. Prof Morris Viljoen

Opportunity to open new frontier mineral province in East Africa